• How to Cross Promote Your Carpet Cleaning Business

    As the owner of carpet cleaning business you most likely have a fair amount residential customers.  If someone in town doesn’t use your services, they probably use your competition.  While you can’t get your competition to hand those customers over, you can get a second chance by doing a cross promotion with non-competing local businesses.  You have customers that they don’t have and they have customers you don’t have, so when you come together for this promotion you’ll increase your pool of customers.

    Like, Know, Trust

    As you may or may not know, people do business with people they like,know, and trust.  That’s why a cross promotion can be helpful to you. The customers of your business associate already like, know, and hopefully trust them. With the cross promotion you’re essentially “borrowing” that “like, know, and trust.’’ You can also think of this as getting warm leads. These potential customers are being referred to you by someone they trust, so be sure to live up to your end of the bargain and do a great job cleaning their carpets. This is important, because this cross promotion needs to go well if you want to do more in the future.  Just remember to keep the cross promotion local.  For example, if you’re a carpet cleaner who offers services in Stuart, FL, then you need to work with companies in your county.

    Who to Choose

    For the cross promotion to work correctly you need to work with the right businesses.  They should be complimentary and shouldn’t offer the same services you offer.  Do yourself a favor and look at their websites.  You don’t want to do a cross promotion with just anyone, so be sure that the business is professional before proceeding.  After checking out their website, see if they have any Google ads up, but don’t click on it.  This is just for you to see what kind of advertising they’re doing and what kind of offers they provide. You can bet that this information will come in handy when you meet up face to face.  It’ll show that you’ve done your homework and you’re serious about having a successful cross promotion.

    Now, if you’re not sure who to partner up with, think about what services a homeowner needs and there is you answer.  You could do a cross promotion with a plumber, maid service, gardener, electrician, or any business that provides useful services to homeowners.

    All Things Must Pass

    Whatever offer you may decide on for this cross promotion, be sure that it includes an expiration date.  This is essential if you want your ad to have a real sense of urgency.  It lets these customers know that they need to act on the offer or they will lose out on whatever special savings they’ll benefit from.  You can imagine that an ad without an expiration date will just be used whenever it’s convenient and who knows when that will be. However, the expiration date creates a situation where you know when the offer ends, when to expect the last customer, and pushes customer to take advantage of your offer.

  • 3 Tips for Making a Great Facebook Post for Your Advertising Business

    Chances are that if you own an advertising business, you most likely have a FaceBook page set up for your business. Having it set up is a given, but what about your posts? Are they the best that they can be? There are ways to make the most of your posts and this article will help you just do that. Read on to find out the tips that you need to run a Facebook account that gets results.

    A Little Common Courtesy
    Before you even think about writing a Facebook post, you should know that there are some rules of courteous that you should follow. If someone comments on your post you need to write something back and like their comment. This shows you that you’re paying attention to your posts and that you interact with your community. This is important because the more you interact with your community the more they’ll interact with your posts. Eventually you’ll be able to count on your posts getting consistent likes and comments. Just be sure to keep up with the interaction. If you get a comment on your Facebook, then give a comment back. For example, if you’re an advertising agency that offers services in Jupiter, FL, then you can tailor your responses to your local area.

    Not All About You
    You can certainly write posts about your advertising business on your Facebook. After all, it is there to provide information about your business. However, if you want your Facebook page to be a place that people go to for good information on advertising, then you should also include posts about advertising news and information. This will keep your page diverse and will keep your customers interested in seeing your posts. Just be sure not to include post from your direct competitors. These posts should include general information and how to information. After a while, your customers will start to see you as an expert in the world of advertising.

    Can I Quote You on That?
    When you’re planning out your Facebook posts, you should include quotes. People enjoy reading and sharing quotes on Facebook. One of the reasons for this is everyone loves a good story and a quote is a small story. Pick quotes that your customers will be interested in reading. Since you provide advertising to your customers, they most likely are business owners, so any quotes about success, or owning a business will work well. However, general inspirational and motivational quotes also work very well. Just be sure to include a good image with these posts. You can use stock photography or other photos that you have rights to. When searching for a good image, make sure it’s at least 900 X 900 pixels. That’s eye catching and will grab people’s attention much better than a small image. You can also have a graphic designer create a shareable image of the quote itself. Make sure the font is easy to ready and that it takes up the majority of the image. No funky fonts please.

  • How to Promote Permanent Laser Hair Removal Services at Your Med Spa

    Are you thinking of offering permanent hair removal services at your med spa? You would be wise to do so as this service is in demand and are frequently searched for on the internet. The question that remains is how do you promote laser hair removal services? The good news is that this post answers that question with a few tips that you can easily put into practice. Continue reading to find out how you can start using these tips today. Whether you have a laser hair removal business offering services in Jupiter, FL or anywhere else, these tips can help you.

    Don’t Take My Word for It
    If you get one thing from your laser hair removal device salesperson, it should be before and after photos. In fact, you should get them on a thumb drive or have him email them to you so you can have digital copies. Be sure to get them in at least 2500×2500 pixels so they can be large enough for most print advertising and can be sized down for your website or social media posts. You should request a variety of images that display a multitude of areas that laser hair removal can be used on. Finally, make sure that you can before and after photos of both men and women that have successfully use laser hair removal. This is important, because you don’t want to show before and after photos of a woman to a man who wants hair removed on his chest. It just won’t be effective.

    Now these photos will be a good start, but as you build up a list of hair removal clients, you need to secure before and after photos of them. The more before and after photos, the better. You can talk and talk about the benefits of your services, but in the end these photos are the testimonials that you need to show that your services truly work.

    Timing Is Everything
    Now, you can have a special promotion any time you want to. It’s a free country after all. However, if you time it right, you can really make the most out of it. The beginning of spring and summer are both times of the year that lighter and shorter articles of clothing are worn. In the spring you can have a “goodbye to winter” promotion and in the summer you can have a “swimsuit season” promotion. If your med spa also offers body contouring and laser lipo services, this would be a great time to create a custom package that includes hair removal and laser lipo. You can call it your “transformation” package and offer it at a discount. Now, don’t forget about holidays. You can offer a discount on some of the less expensive hair removal services for eyebrows and lip hair. This would be a great way to introduce your services to new customers and then let them know about larger areas to use laser hair removal on.

    Cruise on to a Cross Promotion
    People who go on a cruise or a faraway destination often need hair removal services, because they’ll be wearing a swimsuit. That’s exactly why you need to meet up with the local travel agents in your area and suggest a cross promotion with them. Your businesses don’t compete and yet you both share potential clients. You certainly have clients who come for a spa day just to relax. There’s a chance they wouldn’t mind relaxing on a cruise boat.

  • 3 Tips for Designing a Digital Ad for Your Garage Door Business

    Are you thinking of designing an ad for your garage door business?  Whether you do the work yourself or have someone do it for you, there are certain guidelines to follow when creating an ad for garage door repair company.  The tips in this ad will help you create an ad that customers will actually respond to and have gotten good results for garage door repair companies providing services in Naples, FL.

    What Does That Say?

    One of the major things you should keep in mind when designing your garage door repair company ad is readability. Your ad should be easy to read, because the entire point of it is to get customers to call you.  At no point should your your customer have to wonder what your ad says.  No squinting should be necessary.  You may want to check your ad on multiple sized computer screens and cellphones to make sure that it reads wells no matter what screen it’s read on.  Here are a few design tips on that:

    • use simple fonts
    • use dark font colors on light backgrounds
    • use light font colors on dark backgrounds
    • make sure text is properly spaced
    • don’t scrunch up your message
    • give text proper space
    • use large text when appropriate

    Not sure if your ad is easy to read?  Email it to friends and family and have them check it for you.

    What Do You Want Them to Do?

    Before you spend time thinking up a catchy phrase about your garage door service, you need to figure out your call to action.  In fact, an ad without a clear call to action is a waste of your time.  Do you want your customers to call you?  Do you want them to tell you a coupon code when they contact you?  Then make sure that your call to action is highly visible and written in very easy to understand language.  You should also keep in mind that you should only have one call to action per ad.  If you include more than one, then things get confusing.  When people are confused they don’t act and you don’t get a response.  So, make your call to action clear.  If you have room in your ad, feel free to repeat it, but don’t create to different call to actions.

    How Did You Do?

    Our third tip isn’t actually a design tip, but a good tip none the less.  In fact, it’ll help you determine if your ad was a success or something to learn from.  If you’re going to spend time and money creating an ad for your garage door repair business, then you need to get a tracking number.  That’s right, you shouldn’t put your actual phone number in your ad.  Instead, use a tracking number.  They aren’t expensive and you’ll be able to know exactly how many people responded to your ad.  This is the kind of information you’ll need when creating your next ad.  It’ll also save you time, because you won’t have to track the phone call yourself.  Just answer the phone and forget about asking them how they found out about you.